Apeiron Academy

The Apeiron Academy is a haven for golf enthusiasts seeking both improvement and camaraderie. At the heart of the Academy's philosophy is affordability without compromising quality. Golfers of all abilities can access professional coaching in a friendly, collaborative environment. The Apeiron Academy is more than a place to refine one's skill; it's a community where golfers forge lasting connections, celebrate each other's successes, and, most importantly, elevate their game together.

Creating a Golfing

Located at the Bootle Golf Centre in Liverpool, the Apeiron Academy has a strong commitment to making golf accessible to all, ensuring the sport is not limited by age, background, or skill level.

Through affordable golf coaching, the Apeiron Academy provides a pathway to improve your game.


PGA Coaching

Meet Head Coach Daniel Croft

The Academy is run by fully qualified PGA Professional Golfers with Daniel leading from the front as the Head of Golf.

All coaches have a superb reputation across the North West of England leaving you in very capable hands in your quest to improve your game!!


Six Week
Coaching Course

The Apeiron Academy signature 6-week coaching course, led by PGA Professionals, is the ultimate stepping stone for golf enthusiasts looking to elevate their game. Each week, participants engage in a 1-hour group coaching session, carefully structured to delve into the essential fundamentals of golf.

From mastering the art of the swing to honing precision on the greens, this course imparts the skills and knowledge required to your golfing prowess to new heights.

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Community Work

The Apeiron Academy stands as a beacon of community integration in Liverpool, taking immense pride in our collaborative efforts with the local communities. In partnership with Forever Together, Apeiron is committed to introducing the joy of golf to individuals who may not have had the opportunity in the past.

Together, we are dedicated to ensuring that the joys of golf can be shared far and wide within the community.

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