Powering & trusted by the best

Adam Chapman

"You've got to look good and feel good on the green. Apeiron does that for me. Working with the brand is always a pleasure."

Haydn Stanistreet-Tyer

"With the products Apeiron has released you can really tell how hard they work to make sure every little detail is right and up to their high standards."

Daniel Croft

“Working alongside Apeiron since the start of 2023 has been a pleasure, the clothing & designs are fantastic to wear. I love being associated with their brand.”

Joe Brooks

"Apeiron is a brand I have worked with for the past year, and I can say they have been amazing. Not only is the clothing fantastic, but the accessibility of the guys is second to none. "

Look to the future with Apeiron Clothing

The Apeiron brand has been established to support the growth of golf and is set up of four integral parts forming a unique golf community.

Profits generated from the different pillars of Apeiron are filtered back to support our athletes pursue their ambitions in the sport.

By supporting up and coming Athletes through the Apeiron Athlete programme and supporting the next generation through the Apeiron Academy programme, the Apeiron brand is more than just a clothing brand it’s a way of life.

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