About Apeiron

The coast along the North West of England is home to some of the greatest and most historic golf courses in the world.

This part of the world has also produced some of the best golfing talent in the world. In the same breathe, there have also been elite golfers who may have reached the heights of those before them if better opportunities presented themselves.

The Apeiron Golf Eco-System provides a golf clothing brand, golf academy and golf management company to ensure elite players are provided with those opportunities.

Apeiron Clothing has been created with an understanding of the modern day golfer, as we are a modern day golfer.

What this is, is an ever changing and evolving concept that excites our brand as we look towards new technologies within the clothing market to bring a unique range of garments that offer style, comfort and protection.

Our vision is to become the #1 golf clothing brand in the market which will allow the brand to support athletes in the pursuit of stardom. There is a fantastic team of people working hard to make the vision become a reality.

Each garment has been uniquely created by the team at Apeiron Clothing and brought to life by our partners around the world 

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